Choose Your CBD Product Wisely – Which Is the Right Form of Intake for Your Body

Choose Your CBD Product Wisely – Which Is the Right Form of Intake for Your Body

Cannabidiol or CBD is extracted from the hemp and marijuana plants, members of the cannabis plant family. CBD and THC are two different components found in these plants. Unlike THC, CBD is not proactive and cannot make you high. CBD has many health benefits and is now popular in many industries including medicine and cosmetics.

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Methods of taking CBD:

CBD products come in various types and there are different methods of taking it. You can find it in the edible form, smokable form, and topical form. Which is the best one for you? We will help you to choose the right method of intake for you. 

Types of CBD products and their advantages:


Topicals can be in many forms like creams, lotions, soaps, body wash, and oils. You can rub them on your skin which will help in improving skin quality by reducing acne, and other skin conditions. It can also reduce pain and inflammation. CBD topicals do not enter into your bloodstream, but are absorbed directly by the skin.

It can be the best method for local application which means applying it only in the affected areas. It also acts quicker and is the best way to deal with pain instantly. It enters into your skin and helps in controlling the oil production from the sebaceous glands.

The only disadvantage would be when you need it in a large quantity, then you have to apply it often.


Capsules are those where the CBD oil is filled in a tiny container made of gelatin to hold the amount of oil. Another type of capsules contains two tubes that hold the plant extract or dry particles between them. Through this, CBD will reach your bloodstream and settle in the liver. It interacts with the endocannabinoid system, which enhances the mood of a person.

It also acts as an anti-inflammatory, which helps in reducing chronic pain and treats other health conditions related to inflammation. With this, you can ensure that you are taking the same amount of CBD every day. This helps in determining the optimum quantity that your body can take.

The only disadvantage can be that you might not like to swallow pills very often. It starts to show in your body in 1-2 hours of consumption as it has to be digested, absorbed by the blood, and circulate in the body.

Gummies and other edibles:

Gummies and other edibles can be very flavorful and easy to take. They are pre-dosed and work faster in your body. It works in the same way as a capsule, but also tastes good.


Tinctures are a liquid form of CBD mostly oil which can be taken directly and does not require digesting. You just need out drops under your tongue and it acts very fast, within 20-30 minutes.

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